10 people to follow on FriendFeed for the month of Nov

This post highlights 10 members that you should follow on FriendFeed. For those of you that are new to my blog, this will be the third post of this type. The previous ones are located here and here. There are several more hundred people that belong on this list. I will publish a new list with more frequency, preferably monthly.  I will also be exploring some themed type recommendation lists. I hope you get the same value from these members as I do.  If you do subscribe to any of these members, please give them some time to subscribe back, if they choose to do so.  They have no idea that their inbox is about to be flooded with notifications. It could be a little overwhelming :-)

1) Atul Arora

Short Bio: Atul’s primary background  is in software engineering. He currently is the Director of Product Management at Vimo.  Atul is an active FriendFeeder. I rely on several human filters to look for new content, and Atul is one of them. Atul’s feed is strictly business which is what I appreciate about it, and I think you will as well.
Topics of focus: Current events, Technology,  Social Media,  Applications,  Web 2.0



2) Chris Brogan

Short Bio: Chris comes from a background in applications engineering, project management, and telecommunications. His passions is for teaching businesses how to use social media technologies for external outreach and beyond. He is one of the leading and most sought after Social Media Strategists on the market. His blog should be the starting point for any individual or business looking to seriously get involved with social media. Chris is currently Vice President, Strategy & Technology at CrossTechMedia.

Topics of focus: Social Media, Applications, Marketing Strategies, Enterprise Collaboration, Web 2.0

FriendFeed:Subscribe | Blog:chrisbrogan.com


3) Corvida

Short Bio: Corvida is an active and passionate blogger. She blogs about the latest news on social networks, social media, and social applications. Corvida is currently a writer for RRW and occasionally guest posts on sites such as, chrisbrogan.com and louisgray.com.

Topics of focus:Social Media, Social Applications, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed:Subscribe | Blog:shegeeks.net


4) Daniel J. Pritchett

Short Bio: Daniel is a lifelong technology professional and hobbyist. At his day job he builds and analyzes business intelligence systems. He writes about technology, collaboration, and enterprise technologies. He is very active on FriendFeed, and I consider him to be a thoughtful and valued voice to the community.

Topics of focus: Technology, Enterprise, Collaboration, Social Media,

FriendFeed:Subscribe | Blog:sharingatwork.com


5) Napoleon Dynamite

Short Bio: The story of Daniel Kemp.  One man and his mission to become an Earth Emperor.

Topics of focus: Goofy videos, squashing bugs and the an occasional book review. Really, I don’t know what else to say except that it’s pure comedy.

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:earthemperor.com


6) Jesse Stay

Short Bio: Jesse is a successful Facebook application developer and marketer. He blogs about technology, social media, microblogging, and Facebook related issues. He is very active, vocal and an intricate part of the FriendFeed community.

Topics of focus: Technology, Social Media,  Applications, Facebook, MicroBlogging

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:staynalive.com


7) Mark Krynsky

Short Bio: Mark, at his day job is a Web Producer at the X PRIZE Foundation. Mark also blogs about social media and technology. Mark also  guest posts on a variety of sites including mashable and louisgray.com. Mark has become a definitive voice on lifestreaming, and is an invaluable resource to the community.

Topics of focus: Social Media, Applications, Lifestreaming, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:lifestreamblog.com


8 ) Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

Short Bio: Tina, despite the nick, is a very passionate and smart thinking FriendFeed member. She is one of the most active users on FriendFeed. There is never a dull moment on her feed, and you can expect plenty of variety and conversation.

Topics of focus: Current Events, Humor, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog: isthisstupid.com


9) Tad Chef

Short Bio: Tad is a search engine optimizer by trade. He is very active in the German SEO community. He writes  informative posts about SEO. You could seriously learn a few things from this guy.

Topics of focus:SEO, Social Media

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog: seo2.0.onreact.com


10) Neal “thePuck” Jansons

Short Bio:Neal is a writer, copywriter, and consultant in new media. A lifelong geek interested in just about everything. He maintains several blogs and is the founder of the Social Media Philosophy Project, an attempt to address the philosophical implications of social media and web 2.0 technologies.

Topics of focus: Social Media, Technology, Web 2.0

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