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Another week has ended, and it’s a new month. So it’s time to get caught up if you haven’t been here in a while.

This is the weekly recap of posts I have written. Please visit the hyperlinks to read the posts in their full entirety.

1) I shine the spotlight on 10 FriendFeed members to follow for the month of December.

2) Google Friend Connect publicly launched. This post is a brief tutorial on the features and the implementation of Friend Connect.

3) I touch upon 15 useful Google App Engine Applications.

4) I talk a little about content syndication, and how far we’ve come.

5) This post touches on 25 different uses for FriendFeed.

6) I expand on the importance of how sharing and self promotion is always a two-way street.

That’s enough of about me.  Here are a few more solid posts that I really enjoyed, from louisgray.com and across the web.

1) Louis gives us an excellent review of PeopleBrowsr, a new visual social media dashboard.

2) Jesse Stay (Exclusive) interviews the  woman behind @BritneySpears on Twitter.

3) Rob Diana talks a little about how blogging’s future is both consolidating and expanding.

4) Adam Singer gives us 5 Reasons why you should learn about social media.

5) Kyle Lacy does a great video post on word of mouth marketing, then and now.

6) GrowMap proposes a new top ten FriendFeed friends challenge.

7) Eric Berlin advises to follow these 10 people on FriendFeed, and increase your social media powers.

8 ) Chris Brogan does an excellent video post on the importance of play and work.

9) Jason Falls talks about 10 promotional mistakes that new bloggers tend to make.

10 people to follow on FriendFeed for the month of Nov

This post highlights 10 members that you should follow on FriendFeed. For those of you that are new to my blog, this will be the third post of this type. The previous ones are located here and here. There are several more hundred people that belong on this list. I will publish a new list with more frequency, preferably monthly.  I will also be exploring some themed type recommendation lists. I hope you get the same value from these members as I do.  If you do subscribe to any of these members, please give them some time to subscribe back, if they choose to do so.  They have no idea that their inbox is about to be flooded with notifications. It could be a little overwhelming :-)

1) Atul Arora

Short Bio: Atul’s primary background  is in software engineering. He currently is the Director of Product Management at Vimo.  Atul is an active FriendFeeder. I rely on several human filters to look for new content, and Atul is one of them. Atul’s feed is strictly business which is what I appreciate about it, and I think you will as well.
Topics of focus: Current events, Technology,  Social Media,  Applications,  Web 2.0



2) Chris Brogan

Short Bio: Chris comes from a background in applications engineering, project management, and telecommunications. His passions is for teaching businesses how to use social media technologies for external outreach and beyond. He is one of the leading and most sought after Social Media Strategists on the market. His blog should be the starting point for any individual or business looking to seriously get involved with social media. Chris is currently Vice President, Strategy & Technology at CrossTechMedia.

Topics of focus: Social Media, Applications, Marketing Strategies, Enterprise Collaboration, Web 2.0

FriendFeed:Subscribe | Blog:chrisbrogan.com


3) Corvida

Short Bio: Corvida is an active and passionate blogger. She blogs about the latest news on social networks, social media, and social applications. Corvida is currently a writer for RRW and occasionally guest posts on sites such as, chrisbrogan.com and louisgray.com.

Topics of focus:Social Media, Social Applications, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed:Subscribe | Blog:shegeeks.net


4) Daniel J. Pritchett

Short Bio: Daniel is a lifelong technology professional and hobbyist. At his day job he builds and analyzes business intelligence systems. He writes about technology, collaboration, and enterprise technologies. He is very active on FriendFeed, and I consider him to be a thoughtful and valued voice to the community.

Topics of focus: Technology, Enterprise, Collaboration, Social Media,

FriendFeed:Subscribe | Blog:sharingatwork.com


5) Napoleon Dynamite

Short Bio: The story of Daniel Kemp.  One man and his mission to become an Earth Emperor.

Topics of focus: Goofy videos, squashing bugs and the an occasional book review. Really, I don’t know what else to say except that it’s pure comedy.

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:earthemperor.com


6) Jesse Stay

Short Bio: Jesse is a successful Facebook application developer and marketer. He blogs about technology, social media, microblogging, and Facebook related issues. He is very active, vocal and an intricate part of the FriendFeed community.

Topics of focus: Technology, Social Media,  Applications, Facebook, MicroBlogging

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:staynalive.com


7) Mark Krynsky

Short Bio: Mark, at his day job is a Web Producer at the X PRIZE Foundation. Mark also blogs about social media and technology. Mark also  guest posts on a variety of sites including mashable and louisgray.com. Mark has become a definitive voice on lifestreaming, and is an invaluable resource to the community.

Topics of focus: Social Media, Applications, Lifestreaming, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:lifestreamblog.com


8 ) Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

Short Bio: Tina, despite the nick, is a very passionate and smart thinking FriendFeed member. She is one of the most active users on FriendFeed. There is never a dull moment on her feed, and you can expect plenty of variety and conversation.

Topics of focus: Current Events, Humor, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog: isthisstupid.com


9) Tad Chef

Short Bio: Tad is a search engine optimizer by trade. He is very active in the German SEO community. He writes  informative posts about SEO. You could seriously learn a few things from this guy.

Topics of focus:SEO, Social Media

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog: seo2.0.onreact.com


10) Neal “thePuck” Jansons

Short Bio:Neal is a writer, copywriter, and consultant in new media. A lifelong geek interested in just about everything. He maintains several blogs and is the founder of the Social Media Philosophy Project, an attempt to address the philosophical implications of social media and web 2.0 technologies.

Topics of focus: Social Media, Technology, Web 2.0

FriendFeed: Subscribe | Blog:thepuckwrites.com

20 people you should follow on FriendFeed

In July I wrote a blog post titled 10 people you should follow on Friendfeed. The list detailed the top 10 people I find the most interesting, according to Friendfeed’s statistics. This time around I’m highlighting 20 more people that I find interesting, and I think that you will too. The post in July was mainly social media/tech people on FriendFeed. This list gives you the best of both worlds on FriendFeed, techie/non techie, and a little something for everyone.

1) Robert Scoble

Short Bio: Robert is a husband, father, blogger, technical evangelist and author. Scoble is best known for his popular blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. He currently works for Fast Company as a video blogger. There is a reason why Robert is the most followed person in social media.
Topics: Technology, Social Media, Social Applications, Software, Startups
Web: http://scobleizer.com/

2) Mona N

Short Bio: Mona in her own words, “I’m just a regular girl addicted to: Social Media, the Internet, Star Wars, LEGO, and anything with a power switch + USB.” Mona is considered the Queen of FriendFeed, and I happen to agree. Mona is one of the main reasons why FriendFeed is fun, and will achieve mainstream success. Mona posts funny, weird and creative things.You will never find a dull moment when surfing her feed. Subscribing to Mona is a requirement.
Topics: Social Media, Technology, Legos, Toys, Twitter, Bacon, Food, Odd, Funny, Applications, Interesting. A little of everything.
Web: http://pixelbits.wordpress.com/

3) Mark Wilson

Short Bio: Mark has been coined the male version of Mona. Like Mona he posts entertaining, odd, funny and  interesting content. Mark like the rest of us, is a die hard FriendFeeder. He loves FriendFeed so much  that he ” want’s to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant.”
Topics: Music, Odd, Funny, Interesting. His interests run the gamut.
Web: http://markwilson.wordpress.com/

4) Mark Dykeman

Short Bio: Mark is a married IT professional with two children from New Brunswick, Canada. Mark is a very  articulate deep thinker who writes extensively about social media and technology. Mark also guest posts often on Louisgray.com and Mashable.com
Topics: Social Media, Social Applications, Communication, Technology
Web: http://broadcasting-brain.com/

5) Rob Diana

Short Bio: Rob is a software engineer, a husband and a father. Rob writes about social media, technology  and general programming. Rob created and developed Yacktrack.com. He also guest posts on Mashable.com and Louisgray.com
Topics: Social Applications, Social Media, Technology, Software, Programming
Web: http://regulargeek.com/

6) Kyle Lacy

Short Bio: Kyle is an energetic graphic designer who hails from Indiana. Kyle writes about social media and branding. Kyle breeds life on FriendFeed at night. Paired with Mona he is one of the driving forces of the FriendFeed night crew.
Topics: Social Media, Branding, Marketing
Web: http://www.kylelacy.com/

7) Carlos Ayala

Short Bio: Carlos is a technology and multimedia expert from New York, currently residing in Florida. Carlos posts entertaining, odd and interesting things. He also has great taste for Hip Hop and Classic Rock.
Topics: Technology, Random, Funny, Interesting. A little of everything.
Web: http://friendfeed.com/cma3

8 ) Edythe

Short Bio: Edythe Aka Polly R, resides in California.  Last I checked she held the record on FriendFeed for most likes. If Edythe likes it, you know it must be good! She posts entertaining, and interesting things
Topics: Funny, Interesting. A little of everything.
Web: http://friendfeed.com/furry

9) Michael J. Cohen

Short Bio: Michael is an active FriendFeeder and technology buff who resides in Florida. Michael posts a good mixture of entertaining and interesting content.
Topics: Social Media, Technology, Interesting. A little of everything.
Web: http://325i.org/

10) Dobromir Hadzhiev

Short Bio: Dobromir is a web designer and marketing consultant from Bulgaria. Dobromir is one of my human news filters. He constantly shares, stumbles, diggs, and discovers great technology and social media related content.
Topics: Technology, Social Applications, Social Media, Design
Web: http://friendfeed.com/dobata

11) Tamar Weinberg

Short Bio: Tamar is a freelance writer and internet marketing consultant, specializing in viral marketing, and social media. She is a Florida native currently residing in New York. Tamar has written for numerous blogs, including Lifehacker.com and Mashable.com on a variety of subjects, from tech to travel.
Topics: Social Media, Viral Marketing, Technology, SEO. A little of everything.
Web: http://www.techipedia.com/

12) Susan Beebe

Short Bio: Susan is an IT professional from California, currently residing in Rochester, New York. Susan shares a good mixture of technology and social media content. Susan knows a thing or two about IT!
Topics: Social Media, IT, Technology. A little of everything.
Web: http://friendfeed.com/susanbeebe

13) Justin Korn

Short Bio: Justin Korn is a 30 year old web developer, blogger and photographer from Pennsylvania, currently residing in San Francisco, California. Justin’s core passion is photography. I would consider his photography far from amateur. He closely follows in the footsteps of the legend, Thomas Hawk.
Topics: Social Media, Technology, Web Development, Photography
Web: http://blog.justinkorn.com/

14) Erhan Erdogan

Short Bio: Erhan is a blogger residing in Turkey. Erhan blogs about technology and emerging web 2.0 start ups.  He shares a good mixture of social media and technology related content.
Topics: Social Media, Social Applications, Technology
Web: http://friendfeed.com/erhan

15) Rahsheen

Short Bio: Rahsheen is a father,blogger, bodybuilder, singer/songwriter/rapper. You can’t label Rahsheen. The only label Rahsheen needs to see is a record label contract. You can expect an assortment of material on his feed. He blogs about technology, social media, applications, and his personal views on a just about anything.
Topics: Social Media, Social Applications, Technology, A little of everything.
Web: http://sheenonline.biz/

16) Shey Smith

Short Bio: Shey is a graphic designer who was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Shey blogs about design, social media, social issues and technology.
Topics: Social Media, Technology, Design, Sports

17) Nice Fish Films

Short Bio: Michael Wright is a film producer from California. Michael is an active FriendFeeder who’s feed always has something worthy of looking into. Topics: Interesting. A little of everything.Web: http://nicefishfilms.com/blog/

18) Chris Baskind

Short Bio: Chris lives in Florida and is an environmental writer and the Publisher of Vida Verde Media, a green lifestyle company. He’s also a regular contributor to EcoTech Daily. If you want to go green, then I suggest subscribing to Chris.
Topics: Environmental
Web: http://chrisbaskind.com/

19) (Jeff)isageek

Short Bio: Jeff is a married blogger from Kansas. Jeff blogs about social media, software, social applications, and gaming, just to name a few.
Topics: Social Media, Social Applications, Gaming, Technology, Humor,
Web: http://www.jeffisageek.net/blog

20) Duncan Riley

Short Bio: Duncan Riley is a married, father, blogger and technologist from Australia. Duncan wrote for techcrunch.com for a period of time. Duncan currently owns and operates inquisitr.com, a blog that provides a relevant mix of tech, pop culture and odd/ funny news.
Topics: Social Media, Technology, Humor. A little of everything
Web: http://www.inquisitr.com/

What does your digital fingerprint say about you?

I was thinking about all the data we lifestream. What does this data say about us?  How valuable is this data in the right corporation’s hands?  Bookmarks are very telling of a individuals mindset, habits, and interests. The same interpretations can be made about the data we lifestream.  A person’s digital fingerprint is a potential gold mine of data for various industries.

Upon analyzing my own lifestream on FriendFeed, you could tell the following things about me:


My digital music fingerprint shows that I stream classic rock and hip hop. While I like many types of music, I tend to listen to these two genres the most, at least when I’m online.  Music industries are you listening?


Tweets show that I’m a father. It also shows that there is at least one child in my household. Babies R Us are you listening?


These pictures show my beautiful daughter Kaylee. It pretty much echos the tweet. The visual just completes a potential new customer profile. What’s the latest and greatest in baby products for a now almost four month old infant?


My profile reveals that I read and follow quite a few bloggers in the tech and social media space.  Technology and social media are the dominating factors on my lifestream.

Read my feeds. That should give you a good idea of the products I might be interested in. If you dug into my digital fingerprint further, you would easily find your hook.


My bookmarks are always a good primary indicator of my mindset at the moment. They chronicle my current interests, and also serve for future reading and exploration. As a side note, bookmarking can also be misleading.

My blog is titled  “My Thoughts On Social Media”. This is my main focus of interest.

Behavioral targeted advertising is nothing new in social media. Tracking and targeting can easily be done now with lifestreaming and rss, as opposed to traditional cookies.

What does your digital fingerprint say about you. More importantly, what information are you broadcasting to corporations?

Fake following in social media: Yay or Nay?

In the world of social media, establishing, engaging, maintaining and growing your follower base is crucial for any type of success. We use a variety of social networking sites, tools, and platforms to establish and broadcast to our potential and existing follower base. Power in numbers often dictates and dominates the said outcomes. We work hard to establish a manageable and measurable following to listening ratio.

Notification emails are constantly bombarding our inboxes. I enjoy getting notification emails. It tells me right away that someone has expressed shared interests in me, and is now following me on one of the various social networking sites. Notifications serve as a type of positive reinforcement.



I think people should also be notified when someone unsubscribes from them. My opinion of this, is not a widely shared one. When I mentioned this on FriendFeed, the majority of people who commented are against unfollower notifications. While I can see both sides of the debate, I feel this has opened up the door for misconceptions, because people only see the positive. Sometimes a reality check is not so bad. Realizing that there is not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can be a good thing. I also realize that feelings can be hurt by the receiving end of that notification. We are all grown adults. Would such a notification leave your feelings crushed? Maybe my threshold and tolerance level differs from most, but it would not bother me as much as others.

On FriendFeed, I recently started to manage and trim my subscription list. In the process of doing this, I found a few members had unsubscribed from my feed. I spent no longer then 10 seconds asking why and moved on. I even checked those members’ feeds to see if they still contributed any value to me. It did not affect me one way or another. Had they contributed  value or substance to me, I would reconsider not unsubscribing from them. Had I got an unfollow notification, I could of used this as feedback to increase the quality of my postings and learn what caused that individual to unfollow me. Then there are the people who play the numbers game. Their goal is to have the following/follower field even on both sides. Notifications would serve for them as an instant friends list degreaser.

People are going to find out eventually one way or another that you have unsubscribed from them.There are tools that have been created precisely just for this reason. Felix created the FriendVenn which allows you to find members who have unsubscribed from you on FriendFeed. For finding members on Twitter who have unsubscribed from you, there is a new tool in beta called Tweepletwak.

Here is Ed Kohler

While there are certainly people who could care less about this, working under the mindset of, “I’ll tweet about whatever I want and if people don’t want to follow me, that’s fine with me,” there are also people who do care about their followers more than themselves. These are people who are interested in building large, valuable, audiences who would appreciate knowing when they’re pissing people off with overly offensive tweets or burning out their followers with heavy tweet volumes. Unfollow notifications would provide this information.

If that is to harsh of a method, you can always utilize the new fake following feature on FriendFeed.

On the beta FriendFeed you can subscribe to someone, but not see their updates by removing them off your home feed. Using this method makes it appear like you are paying attention to them, when you are really not. I do not see the need for this. If you or the other person  is not contributing, commenting, sharing or liking in a two way fashion, then in effect you or they have already silently unsubscribed. Why fake it, pull the trigger already or go the silent kill route.


Merlin Mann’s proposal for a pause button is an interesting idea.

Any application that lets you “friend,” “follow,” or otherwise observe another user should include a prominent (and silent) “PAUSE” button.

I think users of apps like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Delicious, and, yes, FriendFeed, would benefit from an easy and undramatic way to take a little break from a “friend” — without inducing the grand mal meltdown that “unfriending” causes the web’s more delicately-composed publishers.

What is the appropriate level of unfollowing someone, silent kill, notification emails, fake following, pause button?